537004982. Sir Robert de BEAUMONT * was born about 1105 in Leicester, England - son of Sir Robert. He died in 1190 in Durazzo, Greece (A Crusader). He has reference number 202. He was christened in England (aka Robert de Bellemont). He was married to Petronilla GRANTMESNIL * about 1124.

537004983. Petronilla GRANTMESNIL * was born about 1110 in France (Petronilla of Pernell). She died on 1 Apr 1212 in England? wife of Sir Robert de Beaumont. She has reference number 203. Children were:

child268502491 i. Margaret de BEAUMONT *.
child ii. Lady BEAUMONT * was born about 1125 in England (aka Bellemont) dtr of Robert. She has reference number 751. She died in France - wife of Simon Monfort III.

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