537005232. King Alfonso VII of CASTILE * was born in 1106 in Leon? (Emperador/King)) - son of Raymond of Burgundy. He Ruled as Emperador of Castile between 1126 and 1157 in Castile, Spain.. (564) He died in 1157 in Castile - King from 1126. He has reference number 482. He was christened in Castile - aka Alfonso II. He was married to Berenguela of BARCELONA Queen of Leon in 1124 in Her 2nd husband.

537005233. Berenguela of BARCELONA Queen of Leon was born in 1108 in Barcelona, Spain - dtr of Ramon IV Conde de Barcelona. She died in 1149 in Castile - Queen of Alfonso VII of Leon. She has reference number 483. She was christened in Spain (aka Berengaria) famous beauty. Children were:

child i. King Alfonso VIII of CASTILE was born about 1125 in Castile - son of Alfonso VII. He died in 1214 in Castile - reign from 1158.
child537004564 ii. King Sancho III of CASTILE.
child268502280 iii. King Fernando II of LEON.
child iv. Constantia of CASTILE Queen of France was born about 1130 in Castile - dtr of Alfonso VII. She died in 1160 in France - 2nd Queen of Louis VII.

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