33562756. Robert de BRUCE VII of Carrick was born in 1253 in Scotland - son of Robert VI. He died in Apr 1304 in Scotland - aka Robert I of the Scots. He was christened in Scotland - aka Robert de Brus. He was married to Marjorie Countess of CARRICK in 1273 in Scotland - secret marriage - 4th cousins 4/r.

33562757. Marjorie Countess of CARRICK was born about 1256 in Scotland - dtr of Neil Earl of Carrick. She died before 27 Oct 1290 in Scotland - wife of Robert Bruce. She resided Turnberry Castle before 1329. Children were:

child16781378 i. King Robert "The" BRUCE VIII Earl of Carrick 2nd.
child ii. Sir Edward BRUCE King of Ireland was born about 1276 in Scotland - son of Robert Bruce VIII. He died in 1318 in battlefield at Dundalk, Ireland.
child iii. Lady of GARIOCH died after 1335 in Kildrummy Castle, Mar, Scotland. She was born in Scotland - dtr of Robert Bruce VII.
child iv. Isabella BRUCE was born about 1280 in Scotland - sis. of Robert Bruce. She died about 1305 in Bergen, Norway - Queen of Eric Magnusson.

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