537004032. Alan FITZFLAAD was born about 1075 in Dol, Breton, France? aka Fitz Flaald. He was christened in 1100 in England - reign of Henry I. He died about 1114 in Norfolk, England = the Sheriff of Shropshire. He Was buried in Sporle Priory - founder of.

537004033. Aveline de HESDIN(375) was born about 1080 in Picardy, France - dtr of Ernulf. She was christened in France - aka Ava de Hesdin. Children were:

child i. William FITZ ALAN was born in Breton? son of Alan Fitzflaad the Sheriff. He was christened in England - ancestor of the Earls of Arundel.
child268502016 ii. Walter the STEWARD.
child iii. Simon FITZ ALAN was born in Scotland? - son of Alan fitz Flaald.
child iv. Jordan FITZ ALAN was born in Dol, Breton, France - son of Alan Fitz Flaald. He was christened in Brittany - "Dapifer Dolensis". He died in Burton in England.

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