537005234. King Alfonso I Henriques of PORTUGAL (393) was born about 1109 in Portugal (aka Afonso Henri) son of Henry of Burgundy.(565) He was christened in 1112 in Portugal - aka Afonso Henriques Count of Portugal. He Ruled Portugal between 1112 and 1185 in Portugal. (566) He Conquered Lisbon in 1147 in Portugal. (567) He Established Independence for Portugal before 1185. (266) He died in 1185 in Portugal (age 73 ). He has reference number 581. He was married to Maud of SAVOY in 1146.

537005235. Maud of SAVOY was born about 1125 in Maurienne (aka Matilda) - dtr of Humbert. She died in 1157 in Portugal - wife of Afonso Henriques. Children were:

child268502281 i. Urrca of PORTUGAL.
child ii. Theresa of PORTUGAL was born about 1150 in Portugal - dtr of Afonso Henriques.
child iii. King Sancho I of PORTUGAL was born in 1154 in Portugal - son of Afonso Henriques. He died in 1211 in Portugal (age 57 after 26 years). He has reference number 1973.

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