537005246. King Louis VII of FRANCE * (588) was born in 1120 in France (aka Louis The Younger/le Jeune). He was christened in 1120 in France - son of Louis VI the Fat. He Ruled Kingdom of France between 1137 and 1180 in France.(589) (590) He The Crusader to in 1147 in Holy Land.(591) (592) He died on 18 Sep 1180 in Reims? (after 43 year reign). He has reference number 597. He was married to Alix de CHAMPAGNE * in 1149.

537005247. Alix de CHAMPAGNE * was born about 1127 in Blois dtr of Theo (Champagne Dist, France). She died in 1206 in France - wife of Louis VII. She has reference number 598. She was also known as Alice of Champagne.(593) Children were:

child537004841 i. Princess Alys of PORHOET *.
child ii. Margaret of FRANCE Countess of Blois was born about 1152 in France. She was Heir to Countess of Blois in 1218 in France. (594)
child iii. N.N. L'AIGLE Countess of Maine* was born about 1153 in France?. She died in England? - wife of Richard Beaumont.
child268502287 iv. Alice of FRANCE.
child v. Agnes of FRANCE.
child vi. Louis de BLOIS Count was born about 1167 in France. He The Crusader to between 1202 and 1205 in Holy Land.(595) He died in 1205 in Adrionople (Edirne) Turkey.

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