65552. Baron James III HAMILTON 2nd Earl of Arran was born in 1477 in Scotland - son of James Earl of Arran. He was appointed Guardian of little Queen Mary and Heir Presumptive to the Crown. in 1542/43. He died between 1554 and 1575 in Scotland - Duke of Chatelherault. He was married to Margaret DOUGLAS in 1532.

65553. Margaret DOUGLAS. Children were:

child i. James HAMILTON 3rd Earl of Arran was born in 1537/38. He died in 1609. He was ill with Proposed as husband for Queen Elizabeth of England but went insane..
child ii. Gavin HAMILTON died before Aug 1547.
child32776 iii. John HAMILTON 1st Marquess of Hamilton.
child iv. David HAMILTON of Grange was born about 1542. He died in 1611.
child v. Claud HAMILTON 1st Lord of Paisley was Ancestor of Dukes of Abercorn.
child vi. Barbara HAMILTON died before Nov 1577.
child vii. Jean HAMILTON.
child viii. Anne HAMILTON.

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