16781410. Edward II ENGLAND King was born on 25 Apr 1284 in Carnarvon, Wales, ENGLAND - son of King Edward I.(63) He was christened in 1301 in Wales - 1st Prince of Wales. He Became Betrothed to to Isabel of France in 1303 from Guienne.(64) He Ruled England between 1307 and 1327.(65) He died on 21 Sep 1327 in Berkeley Castle, Gloucester (Murdered). He Was buried on 21 Sep 1327 in Gloucester Cathedral. He has reference number 117. He was a descendant of the Plantagenets. He was married to Isabella of FRANCE Queen of England on 25 Sep 1308 in Church of St. Genevieve at Paris (cousins).

16781411. Isabella of FRANCE Queen of England (66) was born in 1293 in France - dtr of Philip IV. She included in Treaty of of Guienne in 1303 in France. (67) She died in 1358 in ENGLAND - widowed Queen of Edward II. She Was buried on 22 Aug 1358 in Gray Friars Church, London. Children were:

child8390696 i. Edward III ENGLAND.
child ii. JOHN of Eltham, CORNWALL.
child iii. Joanna of The Tower of ENGLAND Queen of Scotland was born in 1321 in Tower of London. She died in 1362 in Scotland - Queen of David II (d.s.p.).
child8390705 iv. Eleanor de PLANTAGENET Countess of Guelders.

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