4195348. JOHN of GAUNT Duke of Lancaster(8) (9) was born in 1340 in Ghent (France) - son of Edward III of England. (10) He died in Feb 1399 in Leicester Castle(age 59) Lancaster, England. He has reference number 656. He was christened in England (aka Duke of Lancaster;Duke of Beaufort in Anjou. He was also known as Monsieur d'Espagne (King of Castile).(11) He was married to Catherine de ROET Duchess of Lancaster in Jan 1396 in (children born bef.marriage).

4195349. Catherine de ROET Duchess of Lancaster was born about 1350 in Hainaut Province, France.(12) She died on 10 May 1403 in Lancaster? England.(13) She has reference number 663. Children were:

child2097674 i. JOHN of BEAUFORT Earl of Somerset.
child ii. Bishop HENRY BEAUFORT Bishop of Winchester was born about 1377 in England?. He died in 1447 in England - Bishop of Winchester. He was christened in England - Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy of Somerset. He was also known as Cardinal Beaufort.
child iii. Joan (Jane) BEAUFORT Baroness of Neville(14) was born in 1379 in Beaufort Castle, Anjou (NW France. She died on 13 Nov 1440 in Howden, Yorkshire, ENGLAND.(15) She has reference number 1413. She was christened in France - dtr of John of Gaunt. She Was buried in Yorkshire - wife of Ralph IV Neville.
child iv. Sir Thomas Beaufort duke of EXETER was born about 1380 in Beaufort Castle in Anjou. He died in 1427 in England (Duke of Exeter).

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