537005170. Sancho VI The Wise of NAVARRE King died in 1194 in Navarre - reign from 1150. He has reference number 669. He was born in Navarre - aka Sancho el Sabio. Children were:

child i. Berengaria of NAVARRE(429) was born in 1165 in Navarre - dtr of Sancho the Wise.(552) (553) She The Crusader to in 1191/92 in Acre - dtr of King Edward I. She resided Poitou between 1192 and 1194 in France. She resided LeMans after 1194. She died about 1230 in LeMans, Maine, France?. She was Founder of of Abbey L'Espan aft 1194 in LeMans, France. She Was buried in Abbey of L'Epau.
child ii. Sancho VII The Strong of NAVARRE Ruled Navarre between 1194 and 1134 in Spain. He Noted Achievements were Traveled in Africa between 1199 and 1202 in Africa. He At war with in service of Almoravides between 1199 and 1202 in North Africa and Spain.(554) He died in 1234 in Navarre. He was born in Navarre - aka Sancho el Fuerte.
child268502297 iii. Blanca of NAVARRE.

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