537004910. King JOHN Lackland of ENGLAND * was born on 24 Dec 1166 in England (aka King John Soft Sword) son of Henry II. (462) He was appointed Lord of Ireland between 1177 and 1185.(463) He Ruled England between 1199 and 1216.(464) He died on 19 Oct 1216 in Newark Castle (Poisoned). He Was buried on 19 Oct 1216 in Shrine of St. Wulfstan, Worcester, England. He has reference number 119. He was christened in France (Count of Mortain). He was a descendant of the Plantagenets. He was married to Dtr of Earl WARENNE in (had natural children-not married).

537004911. Dtr of Earl WARENNE was born about 1175 in England. She has reference number 721. She died in England (Mistress of John I (Lackland). Children were:

child i. Richard FITZ ROY * was born about 1200.
child268502455 ii. Joan Lackland of WALES.

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