67125646. HENRY I of NAVARRE King was born in 1210 in Navarre - son of Thibaut. He Ruled Navarre between 1270 and 1274 in Spain. He died in 1274 in Navarre - aka Henry le Gros. (175) He has reference number 806. He was christened in Champagne - Comte de Champagne. He was married to Blanche of ARTOIS in 1269.

67125647. Blanche of ARTOIS was born about 1245 in Artois - dtr of Robert I. (176) She died on 2 May 1302 in Church of St. Genevieve at Paris (cousins). She has reference number 763. Children were:

child33562787 i. Juana of NAVARRE Queen of Navarre.

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