537005182. Philip II of SWABIA HR Emperor was born about 1177 in Swabia (W. Bavaria). He was christened before 1190 in Italy (Duke of Tuscany) - aka Philipp. He was educated for the church in 1192. (557) He Was given Title of duke of Tuscany in 1195. He Was given Title of duke of Swabia in 1196. He Ruled Germany between 1197 and 1208. (558) He At war with with Otto of the Guelphs between 1198 and 1208. He died on 21 Jun 1208 in Bamberg (murdered by Otto of Wittlesbach). He has reference number 811. He was married to Irene Angelica of ANGELUS in 1195.

537005183. Irene Angelica of ANGELUS was born about 1180 in Constantinople? dtr of Isaac of Byzantium. She has reference number 812. She died in Hohenstauffen (Bavaria). Children were:

child i. Frederick of GERMANY was born in 1195.
child134251255 ii. Marie of SWABIA.
child iii. Beatrix I of SWABIA was born in 1198 in Swabia - dtr of Philip.
child iv. Beatrix II of SWABIA was born about 1200 in Swabia - dtr of Philip. She died in Castile - wife of Ferdinand III.
child v. Dtr of Philip of SWABIA.

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