268502028. King Somarled of ARGYLL Ruled South Isles between 1156 and 1164. (3) He died in 1164 in Renfrew, Scotland - Lord of the Isles. (3)(239) He was born in Argyll.

268502029. Ragnhild of MAN was born in Man - dtr of Olaf. Children were:

child i. Ranald King of the SOUTH ISLES Succeeded Lord of the Isles in 1164. (240) He died in 1207 in South Isles. He was also known as Reginald MacDonald..
child134251014 ii. Dugall Duke of ARGYLL King in the Isles.
child134251012 iii. Angus of BUTE Lord of Bute & Arran.

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