268502420. WILLIAM I de LONGESPEE * was born in 1176 in England (Natural son) (Earl of Salisbury). He was christened in 1176 in England - reign of Henry II (his father). He died on 6 Mar 1225 in England - reign of Henry III. He was married to Countess Ela of SALISBURY * in 1198.

268502421. Countess Ela of SALISBURY * was christened in 1170 in England - reign of Henry II. She was born in 1180 in Amesbury, Wilshire, ENGLAND. She Was buried in Aug 1261 in Abbey at Lacock.. She died on 24 Aug 1261 in Salisbury? wife of William I Longespee. Children were:

child i. WILLIAM II de LONGESPEE was born about 1200 in England - Earl of Salisbury. He died on 8 Feb 1250 in battle near El Mansura.
child134251210 ii. Stephen LONGESPEE.
child iii. Ida LONGESPEE * was born about 1222 in Salisbury - dtr of William I. She was christened in England - reign of King John. She died in Essex - wife of Walter Fitz Robert.
child iv. Ela LONGESPEE was born about 1224 in Ireland? - dtr of William I.

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