134251026. Sir Gilbert I CLARE Earl of Hertford & Gloucester was born about 1180 in England (5th Earl Hertford, 6th Earl of Gloucester). He died on 25 Oct 1230 in Penrose, Brittany - 7th Earl of Clare. He has reference number 862. He was christened in England - son of Sir Richard Clare. He was married to Isabel MARSHALL about 1221 in (Married 2nd cousins 7/r).

134251027. Isabel MARSHALL was born about 1220 in Pembroke - dtr of William Mareshcal. She died on 17 Jan 1239 in Berkhampstead - wife of Richard Earl of Cornwall. She was christened in England - dtr of William, Earl of Pembroke. Children were:

child i. Sir Richard de CLARE 6th Earl of Hertford was born on 4 Aug 1222 in Ireland? Earl of Clare, Hertford, and Gloucester. He died on 15 Jul 1262 in Ireland? 6th Earl of Hertford 6th Earl of Gloucester. He has reference number 845. He was christened in England - 8th Earl of Clare.
child67125513 ii. Isabel de CLARE Lady Annandale.

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