537005164. King Bela III of HUNGARY was born in 1148 in Hungary - son of Geza IV. He Ruled Hungary between 1173 and 1196. (550) He died in 1196 in Hungary. He has reference number 933. He was married to Agnes de CHATILLON Queen of Hungary about 1172.

537005165. Agnes de CHATILLON Queen of Hungary was born about 1150 in France - dtr of Renaud. She died in 1184 in Hungary? wife of Bela II. She has reference number 934. Children were:

child i. King Emeric of HUNGARY was born after 1172 in Hungary - son of Bella III. He Ruled Hungary between 1196 and 1204.(551) He died in 1204 in Hungary.
child268502294 ii. King Andrew II of HUNGARY.

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