537004100. HENRY Earl of HUNTINGDON Prince of Scotland* was born in 1114 in Northumberland - son of David I. He died in Jul 1152 in Scotland? (Earl of Northumberland). He has reference number 1002. He was christened in Scotland (aka Henry of Scotland).

537004101. Ada de WARENNE * was born about 1120 in England - dtr of Hugh, Earl Warrene. She died in 1178. She has reference number 1356. Children were:

child i. Malcom IV of SCOTLAND King was born in 1139 in Scotland (King 1153-1165) son of Prince Henry. He died in 1165 in Scotland - reign from 1153. He was christened in Scotland - aka Malcom the Maiden 1153-1165.
child ii. WILLIAM The Lion of SCOTLAND King(376) was born in 1143 in Scotland (aka King Wm. The Lion 1165-1214). He died in 1214 in Stirling Castle, Scotland. He has reference number 1357. He was christened in Scotland(reigned 49 years). He Was buried in Abbey of Arbroath, Moray, Scotland.
child268502050 iii. David Earl of HUNTINGDON *.
child iv. Ada de HUNTINGDON was born about 1146 in Scotland - dtr of Henry of Huntingdon. She has reference number 4010.
child v. Margaret of HUNTINGDON * was born about 1150 in Northumberland (aka Margaret of Scotland). She died in 1201 in Scotland?. She has reference number 1001.
child vi. Henry (Cinnidh) KENNEDY of Carrick(377) .

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