537005238. King HENRY II of ENGLAND * (568)(242) (569) was born on 5 Mar 1132 in LeMans, France - aka Henry FitzEmpress (Longsword). He was christened in 1150 in France (Duke of Normandy) (aka Henry of Anjou). He House of (1st) House of Anjou/Plantagenet in 1154 in England. (570) He Ruled England between 1154 and 1189 in England.(571) (572)(573) He had Coronation as King of England in Dec 1154 in Winchester Cathedral. (574) He died on 6 Jul 1189 in Chinon, France (age 57). He Was buried on 6 Jul 1189 in Abbey of Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France. He has reference number 121. He was also known as Henry Curt Mantle. (575) He was a descendant of the Plantagenets. He was married to Eleanor of AQUITAINE Queen of England* on 18 May 1152 in Bordeau, France. (576)

537005239. Eleanor of AQUITAINE Queen of England*(577) was born in 1122 in Poitou/Aquitane, France - dtr of Duke Wm 10th. She The Crusader to to the Holy Land in 1145 in Jerusalem. She was Prisoner of Henry II between 1170 and 1189 in Winchester.(578) She was Regent for of the Kingdom of England between 1189 and 1199. She Ruled as Duchess of Aquitaine in 1199 in France. (579) She retired in 1202 in Convent at Fontevraud, Maine-et-Loirre, France. She died on 3 Mar 1204 in Abbey of Fontevraud, Maine-et-Loirre, France. (580) She Was buried on 31 Mar 1204 in Abbey at Fontrevaud, Maine-et-loirre, France. She has reference number 122. She was christened in France (aka Alienor of Guienne'). Children were:

child i. WILLIAM PLANTAGENET was born about 1155 in Bermondsey, England- son of Henry II. (581) He died in England (died young).
child ii. HENRY PLANTAGENET Duke of Aquitaine was born about 1156 in Bermondsey, England - son of Henry II. He was educated tutored by Thomas a Becket between 1161 and 1170 in England.(582) He was Regent for of Aquitaine in 1170 in France.(583) He died in 1183 in Aquitaine - reign from 1170. He Was buried on 11 Jun 1183 in LeMans (later at Rouen). He was christened in England - aka Henry the Young.
child iii. Matilda of ENGLAND Duchess of Saxony was born in 1156 in England (aka Maud) - dtr of Henry II. She died in 1189 in Saxony ? - wife of Henry V The Lion. She Was buried in Brunswick Cathedral.
child iv. King Richard I The Lionhearted of ENGLAND was born in 1157 in Beaumont, Oxfordshire, England.(584) He Was given Title of Duke of Aquitaine about 1167 in France.(585) He Ruled England between 1189 and 1199. (586) He was christened in Jul 1189 in Rouen (Duke of Normandy) Richard Couer de Lion. He died on 6 Apr 1199 in Castle Chaluz(wounded by an arrow). He Was buried on 6 Apr 1199 in Abbey of Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, Fr..
child v. Geoffrey of BRITTANY Count was born in 1158 in Bermondsey, England - son of Henry II. He died in 1186 in Paris (died in an accident during tournament). (587)
child268502283 vi. Princess Eleanor of ENGLAND Queen of Castile.
child vii. Joanna PLANTAGENET was born in 1165 in England ?(aka Joan) - dtr of Henry II. She was christened about 1185 in Sicily (aka Queen Joan of Sicily). She died in 1199 in Castle of Chaluz, Aquitaine, France (age 34). She Was buried in Abbey of Fontevrault.
child134251136 viii. King JOHN Lackland of ENGLAND *.

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