524418. King James II of SCOTLAND was born on 16 Oct 1430 in Holyrood Castle - son of James I. He died on 3 Aug 1460 in battle of Roxburgh Castle - by canon fire. He was married to Marie of GUELDRES in 1449.

524419. Marie of GUELDRES was born about 1433. She died in 1463 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Children were:

child i. James III of SCOTLAND King was born on 10 Jul 1451 in Stirling Castle - son of James II. He Was buried in Jun 1488 in Abbey of Cambuskenneth. He died on 11 Jun 1488 in Bannockburn, Scotland (assassinated). He was Ancestor of Charles Prince of Wales Steward of Scotland & lord of the Isles in 1997 in England and Scotland.(3)
child ii. Alexander Duke of ALBANY was born about 1453 in Scotland - son of King James II. He died in 1485 in exile in France - killed in a tournament.
child iii. John Earl of MAR was born about 1455 in Scotland - son of King James II. He died about 1485 in prison in Scotland - kept by bro. James III.
child262209 iv. Princess Mary STEWART Lady Hamilton.

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