129. James Scott Duke of MONMOUTH was born on 9 Apr 1649 in Rotterdam- oldest son of Charles II. He Was given Title of Duke of Monmouth in 1663 in England. He served in the military in 1663 in Army of James Duke of York. He was Heir to throne of England before 1670.(28) He was appointed Captain General of the King's forces in 1670. He was Defeated Scottish Conventers in 1679. He was Exiled to Holland after Rye House Plot between 1683 and 1685. He Led the revolt against King James II of England in May 1685. He Was Captured by Sedgemoor near Tonbridge on 5 Jul 1685.(29) He died on 15 Jul 1685 in Tower Hill - beheaded by James II for treason. He was also known as James Fitzroy and James Croft. (30)

He was married to Anne SCOTT Countess of Buccleuch in 1663. James Scott Duke of MONMOUTH and Anne SCOTT Countess of Buccleuch had the following children:

child+154 i. SCOTT.

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