95. HENRY Lord Darnley STUART was born in 1545 in Scotland - son of Matthew Stewart/Stuart. He died in 1567 in Kirk o'Field, Edinbourough, Scotland (Murdered).

He was married to Mary STUART Queen of Scots (daughter of James V of SCOTLAND King and Mary of GUISE-LORRAINE) in 1565 in Scotland (cousins). Mary STUART Queen of Scots was born on 8 Dec 1542 in Linlithgow - dtr of King James V. She died on 7 Feb 1587 in Fotheringay (Beheaded by Elizabeth I). She was christened in Scotland -. HENRY Lord Darnley STUART and Mary STUART Queen of Scots had the following children:

child+101 i. King James Stuart VI of Scotland James 1 of ENGLAND King of Kings.

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