109. ELIZABETH STUART Queen of Bohemia(12) (8) was born in Aug 1596 in Dumfermline Castle, - dtr of James I. She died in 1662 in England -widow of Frederick V of Bohemia. She was christened in Palatine - aka Queen of Hearts. She Was buried in Westminster Abbey.

She was married to Frederick V of BOHEMIA-PALATINE Elector of Palatine (son of Frederick IV of PALATINE Elector) on 14 Feb 1613 in London, ENGLAND. Frederick V of BOHEMIA-PALATINE Elector of Palatine (8) was born in 1596 in Palatine - aka the Winter King. He died in 1632 in Palatine - Elector from 1619. He was christened in Heidelberg, the Palatine. ELIZABETH STUART Queen of Bohemia and Frederick V of BOHEMIA-PALATINE Elector of Palatine had the following children:

child114 i. Frederick Henry of BOHEMIA-PALATINE was born on 2 Jan 1614 in Heidelberg. He died in 1629 in Harleem Meer (drowned).
child+115 ii. Charles Louis of PALATINE Elector of Palatine.
child116 iii. Rupert of PALATINE Prince was born in 1619 in Prague - son of Elector Frederick V of Palatine. He died on 29 Nov 1682 in Westminster, England - Duke of Bavaria. He was christened in Palatine - Count Palatine of the Rhine.
child+117 iv. Sophia of PALATINE Electress of Hanover.
child118 v. Elizabeth of BOHEMIA-PALATINE was born in Bohemia - dtr of Frederick V.

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