542. Edward VIII of ENGLAND HM King was born on 23 Jun 1894 in England (House of Windsor) son of George V. He Ruled England between 1936 and 1936. (193) He died on 28 May 1972 in Paris (Duke of Windsor) aka Dear David. He Was buried on 5 Jun 1972 in Frogmore, Windsor Palace Chapel. He was christened in Eng/Edward Albert Christian Geo.Andrew.Patrick David.

He was married to Wallis Warfield SIMPSON on 3 Jun 1937 in Chateau de Cande', near Tours, France. Wallis Warfield SIMPSON was born on 19 Jul 1896 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.. She died on 24 Apr 1986 in France (Duchess of Windsor). She was christened in Pa. - dtr of Teakle Wallis Warfield. She Was buried in Royal Family Vault at Windsor.

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