260. George IV of ENGLAND King of England was born in 1762 in England? son of George III. He Ruled England between 1820 and 1830.(88) He died on 26 Jun 1830 in Windsor, England - King 1820-1830. He Was buried on 27 Jun 1830 in St. Georges'Chapel, London. He was christened in England (aka George Augustus Frederick Prince of Wales).

He was married to Mrs. Marie FITZHERBERT in Dec 1785 in (marriage declared illegal). Mrs. Marie FITZHERBERT died after 1830 in Brighton, England?.

He was married to Caroline of BRUNSWICK (daughter of Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand BRUNSWICK Duke Charles and Augusta of ENGLAND) on 8 Apr 1795 in (his cousin). Caroline of BRUNSWICK was born in 1768 in Brunswick - dtr of Charles William Ferndinand. She died in 1821 in Brunswick (Queen of George IV of England). She Was buried on 7 Aug 1821 in Brunswick, Germany. She was christened in Brunswick(aka Amelia Elizabeth Caroline). George IV of ENGLAND King of England and Caroline of BRUNSWICK had the following children:

child+325 i. Charlotte Princess of WALES Princess.

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