654. King Carol II of ROMANIA King of Roumania(8) was born in 1893 in Sinaia - son of Ferdinand I. He died in 1953 in Spain/Rumania? (King Rumania 1930-1940). He was christened in Germany - aka Charles of Hohenzollern.

He was married to Mme. Zizi LAMBRINO in 1917 in (morganatic marriage). He was divorced from Mme. Zizi LAMBRINO. Mme. Zizi LAMBRINO was born about 1900 in Romania?. King Carol II of ROMANIA King of Roumania and Mme. Zizi LAMBRINO had the following children:

child757 i. Mircea of ROMANIA was born about 1918 in Romania - dtr of King Carol II.

He was married to Princess Helen of GREECE (daughter of King Constantine I GREECE and Sophia of PRUSSIA Queen of Greece) in 1921. He was divorced from Princess Helen of GREECE. Princess Helen of GREECE was born in 1896 in Greece - dtr of Constantine I. King Carol II of ROMANIA King of Roumania and Princess Helen of GREECE had the following children:

child+749 i. Michael of ROMANIA King of Roumania.

He was married to Mme Magda (Wolfe) LUPESCU in (not married). Mme Magda (Wolfe) LUPESCU was born in 1904 in Iasi, Rumania. She died after 1941 in Cuba or Spain - mistress of Carol II of Rumania.

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