391. Prince Ferdinand I of BULGARIA Tsar was born in 1861 in Saxe-Coburg - son of Augustus. He was christened in 1861 in Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. (142) He Noted Achievements were Published volume of botanical observations between 1883 and 1888 in Brazeil. He Ruled Modern Bulgaria between 1887 and 1918 in Bulgaria.(143) He Was given Title of Tsar (King) of Bulgaria in 1908.(144) He At war with First Balkan War in 1912/13 in the Balkans.. He At war with World War I between 1915 and 1918 in Balkans. He Abdicated as Bulgaria to son Boris in 1918 in Bulgaria. He died in 1948 in Coburg.

He was married to Marie Louise of PARMA (daughter of Duke Robert of PARMA) about 1893. Marie Louise of PARMA was born in 1870 in Parma.(145) She died in 1899 in Bulgaria - 1st wife of Ferdinand I. Prince Ferdinand I of BULGARIA Tsar and Marie Louise of PARMA had the following children:

child+491 i. Boris III of BULGARIA.
child492 ii. Prince Cyril (Kiril) of BULGARIA The Regent was born in 1895 in Bulgaria - son of Ferdinand I. He died in 1945 in Bulgaria - reign from 1943 as regent.
child493 iii. Eudoxia of BULGARIA was born about 1897 in Bulgaria.
child+494 iv. Nadejda of BULGARIA.

He was married to Eleanora of REUSS in 1908 in Bulgaria. Eleanora of REUSS was born in 1860 in Reuss, Thuringia. She died in 1917 in Bulgaria.

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