499. Kaiser Wilhelm II of PRUSSIA was born in 1859 in Berlin, Prussia - son of Frederick III. He was christened in 1859 in Prussia - Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert. He Ruled Prussia between 1888 and 1918.(182) He died in 1941 in Germany - Reign from 1888-1918. He was also known as Kaiser Bill.

He was married to Augusta Victoria of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN (daughter of Christian of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN Prince and Countess? of SONDERBURG-AUGUSTENBURG) in 1881 in Germany. Augusta Victoria of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN was born in 1858 in Germany - aka Augusta of Sonderburg. She died in 1921 in Germany - Kaiserin from 1888. She was christened in Schleswig-Holstein aka Dona of Augustenburg. Kaiser Wilhelm II of PRUSSIA and Augusta Victoria of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN had the following children:

child+627 i. Crown Prince Frederick William of PRUSSIA.
child+628 ii. Eitel Friedrich of HOHENZOLLERN.
child+629 iii. Adalbert of HOHENZOLLERN.
child+630 iv. Augustus William of HOHENZOLLERN.
child631 v. Oscar of HOHENZOLLERN was born in Prussia - son of William II.
child+632 vi. Joachim of HOHENZOLLERN.
child+633 vii. Victoria Louise of PRUSSIA.
child+634 viii. Fredrika of GERMANY.

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