232. Louis the dauphin of BOURBON-FRANCE Prince was born about 1729 in France - son of Louis XV. He died in 1765 in France - died before father. He was christened in Bourbon - house of France.

He was married to Maria Josepha of SAXONY (daughter of Frederick Augustus III of POLAND Elector of Saxony and Maria Josepha of AUSTRIA) about 1753. Maria Josepha of SAXONY was born about 1735 in Poland. She died in 1767 in France - wife of dauphin Louis. Louis the dauphin of BOURBON-FRANCE Prince and Maria Josepha of SAXONY had the following children:

child+291 i. King Louis XVI of FRANCE.
child+292 ii. King Louis XVIII of FRANCE.
child+293 iii. Charles X of BOURBON-FRANCE King.
child294 iv. Elizabeth of FRANCE was born about 1759 in France - dtr of dauphin Louis. She died in 1793 in Paris - guillotined.

He was married to Maria Theresa of SPAIN (daughter of Philip V of BOURBON-SPAIN King and Elizabeth FARNESE) about 1745. Maria Theresa of SPAIN was born about 1720 in Spain - dtr of Philip V. She died before 1753 in France - wife of Louis the Dauphin.

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