437. Tsar Alexander II of RUSSIA(160) (161) was born on 17 Apr 1818 in Russia - son of Tsar Nicholas I. (37) He Ruled Russia from 19 Feb 1855. He died on 1 Mar 1881 in St.Petersburg, Russia - Reign from 1855. He was christened in Russia - aka Aleksandr Nikolaevich. He Was buried in Russia - killed by terrorists bomb.

He was married to Marie of HESSE-DARMSTADT (daughter of Louis XII of HESSE-DARMSTADT and Countess Julia Teresa von HAUCKE Grand Duchess of Hesse) in 1841. Marie of HESSE-DARMSTADT was born in 1824 in Hesse-Darmstadt - dtr of Duke Louis II. She was christened in 1841 in Russia - aka Maria Alexandrovna. She died in 1880 in Russia - wife of Tsar Alexander II. Tsar Alexander II of RUSSIA and Marie of HESSE-DARMSTADT had the following children:

child+568 i. Tsar Alexander III RUSSIA.
child+569 ii. Vladimir ROMANOV.
child570 iii. Grand Duke Alexis ROMANOV(162) was born in 1850 in St.Petersburg, Russia - son of Tsar Alexander II. He died in 1908. He was christened in Russia - aka Alexis Aleksandrovich.
child+571 iv. Grand Duchess Marie of RUSSIA.
child+572 v. Sergius ROMANOV.
child+573 vi. Paul II ROMANOV Grand Duke of Russia.

He was married to Tsarina Ekaterina (Catherine) DOLGORUKOVA Princess Catherine of Russia in 1880 in Russia.(163) Tsarina Ekaterina (Catherine) DOLGORUKOVA Princess Catherine of Russia was born in 1858. She was Author of "Behind the Veil of the Russian Court" and others. before 1941.(164) (165) She died in 1941. She was also known as Count Paul Vassili (pseudonym as author).

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