561. Astrid of SWEDEN Princess was born in 1905 in Sweden. She died on 29 Aug 1935 in Switzerland - killed in auto wreck. She Was buried in Belgium - Queen of Leopold III.

She was married to King Leopold III BELGIUM (son of King Albert I of BELGIUM and Elizabeth of BAVARIA Queen) in 1926. King Leopold III BELGIUM was born in 1901 in Belgium (King 1934). He Ruled Belgium between 1934 and 1951.(203) He died after 1951 in ? - King from 1934-1951. Astrid of SWEDEN Princess and King Leopold III BELGIUM had the following children:

child+694 i. Princess Josephine Baudonin of BELGIUM Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.
child+695 ii. King Baudouin I of BELGIUM.
child+696 iii. Prince Albert of LIEGE.

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