599. Louise of TUSCANY was born about 1870 in Tuscany. She died in Saxony - wife of Frederick Augustus III.

King Frederick Augustus III of SAXONY (son of King George of SAXONY and Maria Anna of PORTUGAL) was born in 1865 in Saxony - son of George. He Ruled Saxony between 1904 and 1918.(213) He died in 1932 in Saxony? - King from 1904-1918. He was christened in Germany - House of Hohenzollern. Louise of TUSCANY and King Frederick Augustus III of SAXONY had the following children:

child621 i. George of SAXONY.
child+622 ii. Frederick Christian of SAXONY.
child623 iii. Ernest Henry of SAXONY.
child624 iv. Margaret of SAXONY.
child625 v. Maria of SAXONY.
child626 vi. Anna of SAXONY.

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