739. Louis Ferdinand of PRUSSIA(235) was born in 1907 in Prussia - son of Frederick William.

Kyra Kirilovna ROMANOV Grand Duchess of Russia (daughter of Kyril ROMANOV and Victoria Melita of EDINBURGH) was born on 9 May 1909 in Paris - dtr of Kyril.(236) She died in Prussia - wife of Louis Ferdinand. Louis Ferdinand of PRUSSIA and Kyra Kirilovna ROMANOV Grand Duchess of Russia had the following children:

child762 i. Frederick William HOHENZOLLERN.
child763 ii. Michael of HOHENZOLLERN.
child764 iii. Maria Cecilia of HOHENZOLLERN.
child765 iv. Kyra of HOHENZOLLERN.
child766 v. Ludwig Ferdinand of HOHENZOLLERN.
child767 vi. Christian Sigmund of HOHENZOLLERN.
child768 vii. Xenia of HOHENZOLLERN.

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