715. King Constantine I GREECE(183) was born in 1863 in Greece - son of George I. He died in 1923 in Palermo - King of Greece 1913-1922. He was christened in Greece - aka Tino - Duke of Sparta.

Sophia of PRUSSIA Queen of Greece (daughter of Kaiser Frederick III of PRUSSIA German Emperor, King of Prussia and Victoria of ENGLAND Princess) was born in 1870 in Prussia - dtr of Frederick III. She died in 1932 in Greece - wife of Constantine. King Constantine I GREECE and Sophia of PRUSSIA Queen of Greece had the following children:

child+635 i. King George II of GREECE.
child636 ii. Alexander of GREECE.
child+637 iii. Princess Helen of GREECE.
child+638 iv. Paul I of GREECE King.
child639 v. Irene of GREECE.
child640 vi. Catherine of GREECE.
child+641 vii. Olga of GREECE Princess.

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