223. King Frederick William II of PRUSSIA was born in 1744 in Prussia - son of Augustus William. He Ruled Prussia between 1786 and 1797.(71) He died in 1797 in Prussia.

He was married to Frederica Louisa of HESSE-DARMSTADT (daughter of Louis VIII of HESSE-DARMSTADT Landgrave) before 1770. Frederica Louisa of HESSE-DARMSTADT was born about 1748. King Frederick William II of PRUSSIA and Frederica Louisa of HESSE-DARMSTADT had the following children:

child+285 i. Frederick William III of PRUSSIA King of Prussia.
child+286 ii. Wilhelmina Frederica of PRUSSIA.
child+287 iii. Prince Frederick Augustus of PRUSSIA.

He was married to Julia VON VOSS after 1770.

He was married to Sophia DONHOFF about 1792 in (Morgantic marriage). King Frederick William II of PRUSSIA and Sophia DONHOFF had the following children:

child+288 i. Frederick William Count of BRANDENBURG.

Elizabeth BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL (daughter of Prince of BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL and Philippina Charlotte of PRUSSIA) was born in Brunswick - dtr of?. She died in Prussia - 1st wife of Frederick William II. King Frederick William II of PRUSSIA and Elizabeth BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL had the following children:

child+229 i. Frederica of PRUSSIA Duchess of York.

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