237. Louise Marie Josephine of SAVOY Countess of Provence was born about 1756 in Savoy. She died in 1810 in Buckinghamshire, England - in exile.

She was married to King Louis XVIII of FRANCE (son of Louis the dauphin of BOURBON-FRANCE Prince and Maria Josepha of SAXONY) on 14 May 1771 in France. King Louis XVIII of FRANCE was christened in 1755 in Provence - Louis Stanislas Xavier Comte de Provence. He was born on 17 Nov 1755 in Versailles, France - son of Louis and Maria of Saxony. He Ruled 2nd Bourbon Dynasty Kingdom of France between 1814 and 1824 in France.(72) He died on 16 Sep 1824 in France - succeeded nephew Louis XVII. He was also known as Louis le Desire.

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