597. Charles I of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA was born in 1887 in Austria - son of Otto Francis. He Ruled as Emperor of Austria between 1916 and 1918.(208) He Ruled as King of Hungary in Dec 1916 in Hungary. He Abdicated as as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary on 12 Nov 1918 in Vienna. (209) He was Deposed as Emperor of Austria in 1919 in Vienna. He was living between 1919 and 1921 in Switzerland. He was Exiled from Hungary to Madeira in 1921. He died on 1 Apr 1922 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. (210) He Was buried after 1 Apr 1922 in Our Lady of the Mountain chapel, Funchal. He was christened in Austria - last of Leopoldine line. He was also known as Charles IV. (211) He was also known as last of the Hapsburg dynasty of Austria.. He was also known as Karl I Emperor of Austria. (8)

He was married to Zita of BOURBON-PARMA Empress of Austria-Hungary in 1911. Zita of BOURBON-PARMA Empress of Austria-Hungary was born about 1890 in Viareggio, Italy.(212) She was Exiled from Austria/Hungary in 1918. She died after 1922 in Portugal?. Charles I of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA and Zita of BOURBON-PARMA Empress of Austria-Hungary had the following children:

child+723 i. Otto of AUSTRIA Archduke of Austria.
child724 ii. Adelheid of AUSTRIA.
child+725 iii. Robert of AUSTRIA.
child+726 iv. Felix AUSTRIA.
child+727 v. Charles Ludwig of AUSTRIA.
child+728 vi. Rudolf of AUSTRIA.
child+729 vii. Charlotte of AUSTRIA.
child+730 viii. Elizabeth of AUSTRIA.

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