398. Alice Maud Mary of ENGLAND Duchess of Saxony was born in 1843 in England. She died in 1878 in Hesse (Grand Duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt). She was christened in England (Princess of Great Britain & Ireland).

She was married to Louis IV of HESSE (son of Charles of HESSE and Princess Elizabeth Marie of PRUSSIA Grand Duchess of Hesse) in 1862. Louis IV of HESSE was born on 12 Sep 1837 in Hesse-Darmstadt (Grand Duke Ludvig). He died in 1892 in Germany - Grand Duke of Hesse & the Rhine. He was christened in Germany - Frederick William Louis Charles. Alice Maud Mary of ENGLAND Duchess of Saxony and Louis IV of HESSE had the following children:

child+512 i. Victoria of HESSE.
child513 ii. Elizabeth (Ella) of HESSE was born in 1864 in Hesse - dtr of Louis IV. She died in 1918 in Russia - wife of Duke Serge.
child+514 iii. Irene of HESSE.
child+515 iv. Grand Duke Ernest Louis of HESSE.
child+516 v. Frederick Charles of HESSE.
child+517 vi. Alexandra of HESSE-DARMSTADT Tsarina of Russia.

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