537004656. King Louis VIII of FRANCE was born on 5 Sep 1187 in Paris, France (aka Louis the Lion) son of Philip Augustus. He Ruled Kingdom of France between 1223 and 1226 in France. (441) He died in 1226 in Montpensier, Avergne, France (age 39). He has reference number 740. He was married to Blanche (Blanca) of CASTILE Queen of France in 1200.

537004657. Blanche (Blanca) of CASTILE Queen of France was born in 1185 in Burgos, Spain dtr of Alfonso IX of Castile. She died in Nov 1252 in France - widow of Louis VIII. Children were:

child134251144 i. Saint Louis IX of FRANCE King of France.
child67125626 ii. Robert of ARTOIS.
child iii. Alphonse of FRANCE was born about 1218 in France - son of Louis VIII & Blanche.
child iv. Charles Duke of ANJOU Count of Provence was born about 1220 in France - son of Louis VIII. He House of 1st of France House of Anjou in 1246. (442) He Ruled Naples (House of Anjou) in 1266. (443) He died in 1282.

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