268502328. Saint Louis IX of FRANCE King of France was born on 25 Apr 1214 in Poissy, France (king 1226-1270). He Ruled Kingdom of France between 1226 and 1270 in France. (274) He was christened on 29 Nov 1226 in Reims, France - crowned aka St. Louis. He died on 25 Aug 1270 in Tunis (on Crusade) (reign of 44 years). He has reference number 735. He Was buried in Africa? (died of plague at Carthage). He was married to Margaret of PROVENCE Queen of France* in 1234.

268502329. Margaret of PROVENCE Queen of France* was born about 1221 in Provence - dtr of Raymond Beranger IV. She died in 1295 in France - Queen of Louis IX. She has reference number 732. She was christened in France - aka Queen Marguerite. Children were:

child134251164 i. Charles I of ANJOU.
child ii. Blanche of FRANCE was born about 1243.
child67125572 iii. King Philip III of FRANCE.
child iv. John of FRANCE.
child v. Peter of FRANCE.
child vi. Robert of BOURBON-FRANCE Count of Clermont (197) was born in 1256 in France - aka Robert of France - son of Louis IX. He died in 1318. He was christened in France - Count of Clermont.
child vii. Isabella of FRANCE.
child viii. Princess Margaret of FRANCE.
child ix. Agnes of FRANCE.

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