537004658. Ramon V Count of PROVENCE * was born about 1194 in Provence. He was Heir to Provence in 1209. He has reference number 388. He was christened in France (aka Raymond Berenger IV, Count of Provence. He was married to Beatrice of SAVOY * on 5 Jun 1219.

537004659. Beatrice of SAVOY * was born in 1195 in Savoy (SE France/Italy - old Savoie). She died in 1266 in Provence - wife of Raymond IV. She has reference number 132. Children were:

child67125569 i. Eleanor of PROVENCE Queen of England*.
child134251145 ii. Margaret of PROVENCE Queen of France*.
child iii. Sancha of Savoy & BERENGER was born about 1223 in Savoy? - dtr of Raymond Berenger IV. She died after 1245 in Cornwall? England - wife of Richard of Cornwall.
child iv. Beatrice of Provence & BERENGER Countess of Provence was born about 1236 in Provence. She has reference number 733.

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