67125652. King HENRY III of ENGLAND *(137) was christened in 1207 in Bermondsey, England - son of Henry II. He was born on 1 Oct 1207 in Winchester, ENGLAND.(177) He was Regent for of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke between 1216 and 1219. (178) He Ruled England between 1216 and 1272. (179) He died on 16 Nov 1272 in Westminster, England (56 yr reign). (180) He Was buried on 16 Nov 1272 in Westminster Abbey. He has reference number 387. He was a descendant of the Plantagenets. He was married to Eleanor of PROVENCE Queen of England* on 14 Jan 1236 in Canterbury, England.

67125653. Eleanor of PROVENCE Queen of England*(181) was born in 1220 in Provence, France - dtr of Raymond IV. She died on 24 Jan 1291 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, ENGLAND. She Was buried on 24 Jun 1291 in Amesbury. (182) She has reference number 118. She was christened in England (Queen of England). Children were:

child33562784 i. King Edward I ENGLAND **.
child ii. Margaret of ENGLAND Queen of Scotland was born in 1243 in England - dtr of King Henry III. She died in 1275 in Scotland - Queen of Alexander III. She has reference number 729. She was Related to her husband Alexander III (2nd cousins/1 rem- desc. of Henry II of England).
child33562812 iii. Edmund de PLANTAGENET 1st Earl of Lancaster.
child iv. Beatrice de PLANTAGENET Duchess of Brittany was born about 1246 in England - dtr of King Edward I. She died in Brittany - Duchess of Duke John.

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