33562812. Edmund de PLANTAGENET 1st Earl of Lancaster was born on 16 Jan 1244 in England (aka Crouchback). He Created with title of Earl of Lancaster on 26 Oct 1265 in England. He Was given Title of High Steward of England on 26 Oct 1265 in England. He was Regent for of England while Edward II was abroad. in 1287 in Wales. (102) He Attacked Gascony (France) for Edward II in 1294. (103) He died on 5 Jun 1295 in Bayonne, France. He has reference number 731. He was christened in England. He was also known as Edmund, Duke of Guienne (France). He was married to Blanche of ARTOIS in 1276.

33562813. Blanche of ARTOIS was born about 1245 in Artois - dtr of Robert I.(104) She died on 2 May 1302 in Church of St. Genevieve at Paris (cousins). She has reference number 763. Children were:

child i. Thomas Earl of LANCASTER(105) was born about 1277 in England (of Leicester, Derby, Lincoln, Salisbury). He died in 1322 in Boroughbridge - beheaded by Edward II.
child16781406 ii. HENRY PLANTAGENET Earl of Lancaster.

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