134251164. Charles I of ANJOU was born in 1236 in France - son of Louis IX. He The Crusader to between 1248 and 1250 in 7th Crusade to Holy Land.(204) He Was in Battle of Benevento in 1266 in Italy. He Ruled as King of Naples and Two Sicilies between 1266 and 1285 in Italy. He House of Anjou between 1266 and 1285.(205) He Was in Battle of Tagliacozzo in 1268 in Italy.(206) He was Defeated in Sicily by the Spanish in 1284 in Italy. He died on 7 Jan 1285 in Foggia (age 49). He has reference number 736. He was married to Marguerite de BOURGOGNE Queen of Sicily about 1249 in France.

134251165. Marguerite de BOURGOGNE Queen of Sicily was born about 1235 in France - dtr of Robert Duke of Burgundy. She died in 1308 in Tonnerre, France. She Was buried in Tonnerre, France. Children were:

child67125582 i. Charles II of ANJOU.

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