67125582. Charles II of ANJOU was born in 1250 in Anjou (aka Charles The Lame). He died in Aug 1309 in Naples (age 59 aft 20 year reign). He Ruled Naples 1285 to 1309 in Italy. (149) He House of Anjou in Naples to 1309. (150) He has reference number 739.

67125583. Marie of HUNGARY was born about 1260 in Hungary - dtr of King Stephen V. She died in 1323. She has reference number 923. Children were:

child i. Charles MARTEL was born about 1270 in Anjou?. He died in 1298 in Hungary?. He House of Anjou of Naples.(151)
child ii. Robert of NAPLES King was born in 1265 in Naples - Angevin family. He died in 1343. He House of Anjou of Naples.(152)
child iii. JOHN Duke of DURAZZO House of Anjou of Naples. (153)
child33562791 iv. Margaret of ANJOU.
child v. Blanche of ANJOU was born about 1275 in Anjou. She has reference number 4265. She House of Anjou of Naples.(154)
child vi. Eleanor of NAPLES died in 1325 in Sicily?. She was born in Naples - dtr of Charles II of Anjou. She House of Anjou of Naples.

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