33562790. Charles of VALOIS was born about 1263 in Valois, Picardy, France. He died in 1325. He has reference number 921. He was married to Margaret of ANJOU before 1293.

33562791. Margaret of ANJOU was born about 1275 in Anjou. She has reference number 922. She House of Anjou of Naples. Children were:

child i. King Philip VI of FRANCE was born in 1293 in Valois. He Ruled Kingdom of France between 1328 and 1350 in France.(94) He died in 1350 in France. He was Founder of House of Valois Dynasty to Kingdom of France 1328.. He was christened in France - aka Philippe Le Bien fortune. He was also known as Philip de Valois. (95)(96)
child16781395 ii. Jeanne of VALOIS.
child iii. Charles II de VALOIS duc d'Alencon died on 26 Aug 1346 in battle of Crecy. (97) He was born in France - son of Charles of Valois. He House of Anjou of Naples.

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