67125644. King Philip III of FRANCE(144) was born in 1245 in France (aka King Philip the Bold). He was christened in 1270 in France, King until 1285. He Ruled Kingdom of France between 1270 and 1285 in France. (174) He died in 1285 in Perpignan, France (reign of 15 years). He has reference number 899. He Was buried in France (died of plague-retreating from Aragon). He was married to Isabella of ARAGON in 1262.

67125645. Isabella of ARAGON was born about 1245 in Aragon. She died in 1271. She has reference number 900. Children were:

child33562790 i. Charles of VALOIS.
child ii. Louis of FRANCE was born about 1265 in France - son of Philip III. He died before 1285.
child33562786 iii. King Philip IV of FRANCE.

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