134251290. King James I of ARAGON was born about 1208 in Montpellier. He died in 1276 in Aragon (King 1213-1276). He has reference number 935. He was christened in Aragon - aka James the Conqueror.(198) He was married to Yolande of HUNGARY about 1235.

134251291. Yolande of HUNGARY was born about 1220. She died after 1245 in Hungary. She was christened in (Aunt of Stephen of 1270-1272). Children were:

child i. King Pedro III of ARAGON The Great was born in 1236 in Aragon (King of Sicily 1282-1285). He died in 1285 in Aragon (Peter III King of Aragon. He has reference number 4185.
child67125573 ii. Isabella of ARAGON.

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