33562804. King Edward I ENGLAND **(71) (72) was born on 17 Jun 1237 in Westminster (aka Longshanks) - son of Henry III.(98) He Ruled England between 1272 and 1307.(99) He died on 7 Jul 1307 in Burgh-on Sands, Near Carlisle, England (age 70). He Was buried on 8 Jul 1307 in Westminster Abbey. He has reference number 84. He was christened in France (house of Anjou/Plantagenet). He was a descendant of the Plantagenets. He was married to Marguerite of FRANCE Queen of England on 8 Sep 1299.

33562805. Marguerite of FRANCE Queen of England was born in 1282 in France (aka Margaret) - dtr of Phillip III. She died in 1317 in England - widowed Queen of Edward I. She Was buried on 14 Feb 1317 in Greyfriars church, London. She has reference number 750. She was christened in France - aka Margarite.(100) Children were:

child i. Thomas Plantagent of BROTHERTON Earl of Norfolk was born on 1 Jun 1300 in Brotherton, Yorkshire, England.(101) He died in 1338 in England, Earl of Norfolk. He has reference number 762.
child16781402 ii. Edmund Earl of WOODSTOCK Earl of Kent.

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