537005176. King Philip II Augustus of FRANCE was born in 1165 in France (King 1180-1223) - son of Louis VII. He was christened in 1165 in France: aka Philip Augustus - & "Dieu-Donne". (555) He Ruled Kingdom of France between 1180 and 1223 in France. (556) He died on 14 Jul 1223 in Nantes (age 57-43 year reign). He has reference number 897. He was married to Isabella of HAINAUT Queen of France in 1180.

537005177. Isabella of HAINAUT Queen of France(325) was born in 1170 in Hainaut Province - dtr of Baldwin V. She died in 1190 in France - Queen of Philip Augustus. She was christened in Hennegau. Children were:

child134251252 i. King Louis VIII of FRANCE.
child ii. Prince Philip of FRANCE was born about 1189 in France.
child iii. Mary of FRANCE was born about 1191 in France.

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